Type Daily is a collection or aggregation of type-related content on the WWW. All content is scooped up via RSS, so this site will always display the latest, freshest content. I’ll be adding several more features, including a personalised home page that lists your favourites (or something like that). I had planned on calling the site ‘Today in Type’, but it makes for a somewhat awkward [?] acronym. I then thought, why not call it ‘Daily Type’. Genius! But then recalled there’s already a Daily Type. So, I settled on ‘Type Daily’, though you can call it whatsoever pleases you.

I was hoping to write at least a couple more paragraphs, but I’ve run out of things to—


What’s with the alphabet? Well, the width of the entire lowercase alphabet is a fine guide for the measure or length of a line (not to be confused with line-length) of text. 1.5–2 alphabets is a comfortable measure for most text typefaces.

I will preempt your question, and say the type used in the header is Blaktur, drawn by Ken Barber, & published by House Industries. There’s a nice review of this great little typeface over at Typographica.